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Swiss Quality CBD Products

Do not be daunted by the wealth of option in the CBD market, there are good reliable products and providers.

Guaranteeing the quality of the CBD products we note is our top priority. Which is why every CBD product listed goes through laboratory screening for purity and quality.

The plants are grown from natural Swiss hemp and then transferred to the cutting-edge Swiss lab. There the CBD oil is drawn out from the hemp by a supercritical CO2 extraction process. Our CBD oils include the complete spectrum of Cannabinoids.

Lab Tested In Switzerland

We firmly insist that all of our products are 3rd party laboratory checked prior to they are listed on our website. Therefore you can rest assured that all CBD % ratings are totally accurate.

100% Pure

All of our CBD products are the outcome of a long process. All components are selected with fantastic care and evaluated frequently.

Guaranteed CBD %

It’s well known that some CBD providers mislabel their products. We have our products independently verified for an extra guarantee.

Our Ethos, Our Vision, Our Values

Bringing Transparency To The CBD Marketplace

The CBD products suggested on our website are all made from premium hemp sourced in Switzerland. There’s no cutting corners when it comes to producing a premium CBD oil.

There are many possible advantages to CBD oil such as the neuroprotective effects for the brain, swelling relief, and dealing with the adverse effects of chemotherapy.

Having a bespoke, handpicked and curated list of reliable brand names and products indicates you can be ensured of the quality of your purchases.


New Waltham CBD Balms

All the ingredients in our CBD balms are natural plant based products and extracts.

Applying CBD balms and salves to the skin helps to hydrate and nourish the skin.

The hemp used in the production of the balms listed on this site is 100% natural. The resulting product is rich in scent and high in CBD.

Our CBD Oils

All of the CBD oils suggested on this site are made from premium Swiss hemp, renowned for its quality and purity.

No herbicides, fungicides or pesticides are used in the production of the hemp used in our CBD oils leading to a 100% natural product.

CBD oil

New Waltham's Premium Supplier Of Organic Swiss CBD Oils

CBD products

As Nature Intended

We have vetted the providers we utilize to make sure they utilize no extra chemicals during the productions process. Thus guaranteeing that the end products are as natural as possible.


Quality Guaranteed

The hemp that is used in the CBD products we list is not just 100% natural but is also selectively reproduced to offer a high level of CBD. This helps guarantee the quality of the products on our website.


Carefully Tested

No CBD oil is listed on this site unless it has actually been verified by a certified laboratory.

Purchaser Service

Any questions about any of our CBD products, or the shipping or returns should be directed to our customer support team who will happily get back with a response.

Confidential Shipping

Our boxes are little, secure and discreet guaranteeing privacy.

We Ship Internationally

Our dispatch centre will send our CBD products within 24 hrs of your order being taken to many countries. See shipments for a complete list.

New to CBD Oil?

Is CBD oil legal in New Waltham?

CBD cannabis is 100% legal if its THC content is less than 1% of the general dry mass. In Europe the max rate is 0.2% of THC, so we have picked just CBD products that follow the regulations.

CBD Explained

Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid found in 1940. It is among 113 recognized cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for as much as 40% of the plant’s extract.

THC discussed

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis that gives the high sensation. It can be consumed by smoking cannabis.

Is it legal to grow CBD in New Waltham?
While practically all cannabinoids are managed substances under the Misuse of Drugs Act, CBD– or cannabidiol as it is also understood– is not. For example, commercial hemp might be grown under licence in the UK. It is a strain of the cannabis plant which contains little or no THC, but does include CBD.

What it suggests CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally happening compound discovered in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant with a rich history as a medication returning countless years. … Both CBD and THC have considerable therapeutic qualities. But unlike THC, CBD does not make an individual feel “stoned” or intoxicated.

How does CBD vape make you feel?
CBD oil made from hemp generally doesn’t include enough THC to get you high, but it can produce a reassuring sensation without the stress and anxiety, paranoia and other side effects of cannabis. … When vaping CBD oil, you will feel the effects faster than utilizing an oral cast or an edible product.

Do I require a prescription for CBD oil?
CBD oil is legal in the U.S., but it frequently needs a prescription. Users need to follow legal channels to get the CBD.

Why do individuals utilize CBD?
CBD is commonly used to deal with stress and anxiety, and for clients who suffer through the anguish of insomnia, studies recommend that CBD might assist with both going to sleep and remaining asleep. CBD might use an alternative for dealing with various types of chronic discomfort.

Can you take excessive CBD?
Small doses of cannabis tend to stimulate; big doses sedate. Too much THC, while not deadly, can amplify stress and anxiety and state of mind conditions. CBD has no recognized unfavorable adverse effects, but an extreme quantity of CBD might be less effective therapeutically than a moderate dose.

Is CBD a narcotic?
While THC stays unlawful, CBD is exempt to the Swiss Narcotic Acts since this substance does not produce a similar psychedelic result.

Can CBD Oil cause kidney stones?
Learn what might increase your risk of establishing kidney stones and when you require to look for immediate medical attention. Cannabidiol, frequently called CBD, is a chemical discovered in cannabis. CBD doesn’t include THC, the psychedelic component discovered in cannabis that produces a high.

Does CBD raise heart rate?
THC can increase heart rate by 20-50 beats per minute. … CBD has useful effects on cardiovascular risk aspects and improves recovery in animal designs of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Consumers with heart issues need to gravitate towards high-CBD/low-THC strains.

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